Ari is a Singer/Songwriter based in Newcastle/Hunter, NSW, Australia, where he has been writing and performing original material for the past 15 years. He has developed a unique Surf Rock, Acoustic sound with rich, warm soulful vocals. His shows entail a bright, engaging and interactive performance. Some of his performance highlights include Praise in the Park 2011-2013(NSW), Blackstump Music Festival 2012(NSW) and Easterfest 2013(QLD). He is currently signed to independant label, Threebirds Records.


Album:High tide

High tide is a forthcoming album from Ari, developed at Island Studios in South Australia, in collaboration with producer Joseph Cheek. 

The Album is a rich combination of soulful vocals, surf rock vibes and a pointed songwriting. This concept work aims to take you on the emotive metaphorical journey of the wave as a symbol for experience.

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Threebirds Records

Threebirds Records is an independent record label established in Adelaide in 2013 to provide support and aid the growth of great local music. The label aims to support bands in the production of high quality recordings and CD production, both financially and creatively. Furthermore, the label is in place to spearhead the promotion of these productions, providing leverage to help launch emerging artists. 

Threebirds is affiliated with associations such as AIR (Australian Independent Record Labels Association), through whom we have the facilities to distribute Electronic Press Kits to commercial and community radio stations throughout Australia. This partnership also enables video clips to be distributed to XYZ Networks, which include Channel [V], MAX, and the Country Music Channel amongst others. Threebirds aims to establish firm relationships with Australian distribution companies and liaise with these companies on behalf of the artists that Threebirds support. 

Threebirds Records is based in Adelaide and run in collaboration with Island Recording Studios, however the working body of the label consists of a number of talented musicians, producers and artists from South Australia as well as interstate.