Dobell Prize #21


Juxtarepository 3 / Catch a fallen star and put it in your pocket 2018 

graphite on paper

57 x 76.5 cm, 74.5 x 93.5 cm (framed) Courtesy the artist

This is the third work in a 12-part series examining the intersection between mythology, iconography, symbology and popular culture as visual narrative. It incorporates connected issues of humanity with the irony and humour of self-discovery and auto-ethnography. The drawing examines the perpetual stories we tell each other across time through the power of artistic practice. I explore personal symbology and a range of references in the development of my own visual voice. In my work I want to challenge the view that a drawing is a step towards a painting, sculpture, building, idea, or final artwork. I seek to elevate the primacy of drawing and its deep connection to each and every one of us. Since time immemorial we have represented the self, society and culture through this powerful and uniquely human act of creativity. Drawing is not just a response to the world, but a way of viewing and moving through it.