Dr Ari Chand is a Designer/Illustrator and practice-based researcher with experience in various forms of Secondary and Tertiary Education, from visual art secondary teaching, illustration/concept art, natural history illustration, design history and theory, design research, to key areas of teaching in Visual Communication Design and Art Teacher Education. 

His illustration work is mainly comprised of either traditional drawing, watercolour, ink, acrylic or digital illustration.  Research is practice-based at the University of Newcastle and looks at the development of a theoretical framework based on the combination of seminal concepts, habitus(Pierre Bourdieu) and tacit knowledge (Michael Polanyi), to interrogate and scope out the nature of style and design process within design practice. 

He was a finalist in the 2019 Dobell Drawing Prize

Other Projects Include:

Interdisciplinary Research GroupGroup: CindER(Creative Industries Educational Research); Kathryn Grushka, Kristi Street, Susan Kerrigan, Rachel Buchanan. Creative Industries Extension to 2019 & 2020. 

  • High Performing Students Program: Art/Science Project, DVCA Funded Longitudinal Research Project 2013- present. (Kath Grushka, Neville Clement, Miranda Lawry, Andy Devine).

  • Art Masters Class Program (Newcastle High School): Research Project, Newcastle high School, Kath Grushka, Jody Robinson(Masters Candidate, Education), Rory Davis(Masters Candidate, Education).